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Kumquat in Chinese means "golden orange" and it does indeed look like a very small orange. It can be eaten skin and all and its flavour is best described as bittersweet. Kumquats where brought from Asia to Corfu by a British botanist in 1860. The plant was well suited to the Corfiot climate and the people of Corfu liked its taste and aroma. In Greece, kumquats are unique to Corfu and are mostly grown commercially in the north west of the island. It is estimated that there are about 6,000 kumquat trees in Corfu and depending on its size, each tree can produce hundreds, or even thousands, of kumquats each year.

Kumquat liqueur has become a trademark product of Corfu, and it can be found in both the characteristic bright orange and in the, more natural, yellowish colour. Kumquats are also used in cooking and are processed into sweets, jam, marmalade and even perfume. It is claimed that the fruit also has medicinal properties and that it can relieve hypertension.

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